How to make your new house in Amsterdam feel like a home

Moving to a new city is not easy. Most expats are so busy organizing their new life, that they forget to fully settle in and make their new house a home. Expat Rental Scout gives you the best tips to make yourself feel right at home


  1. Give your new home in Amsterdam a personal touch

To make you feel right at home, you can give your new residence a personal touch. By putting up pictures of your family and friends from back home. With pictures, you can even give a hotel room or furnished apartment your own personal touch. If you add something that is dear to you to your new environment, it will be easier for you to avoid home-sickness.


  1. Take a shopping trip in your new city

Usually it takes some time before all of your belongings arrive at your new house. Maybe you have even decided to leave some of your household goods in storage or to sell them before leaving your country of origin. Until you can furnish your new home in Amsterdam with your own stuff, your will need furniture and household goods that will do the trick instead. No one wants to use cardboard boxes as furniture. Make a list of all the things you will need to turn your new place into a home. Take field trips to local stores and choose things that fit your personal taste. Don’t just focus on practical things, also buy decoration like plants, curtains and pillows. After all, who doesn’t get excited about shopping?


  1. Explore your new home town.

Even tough exploring your new home town doesn’t seem as important as for example bureaucratic issues, it is still essential for really settling in. buy a map of your new hometown (for the people who still buy paper maps, otherwise google maps is your best friend) and simply take little walks in your new living area. You will soon find shops and cafes that you like, which are the best spots to meet new people. Another way to get in touch with the locals is by doing volunteer work or attending local festivities. Your new hometown has a lot to offer, so go out and explore!

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