4 Reasons for expats to come and live in Amsterdam

More and more people who are working for a company abroad, are coming to live in the Netherlands for a longer period of time. In this case we are speaking about expats. Expats form an increasing part of the Dutch population, since the Netherlands is increasingly interesting for international trade. It is necessary for an expat that he or she feels at home in a new country, and certainly in a specific place of residence. In addition, an expat imposes certain requirements on his living environment. The following 4 reasons will show you why Amsterdam is the perfect place to live for expats!


  1. Amsterdam, the city of many cultures


More than 170 nationalities live together in Amsterdam. This makes Amsterdam one of the most multicultural cities of the world. Because of all those different nationalities, many languages are being spoken in Amsterdam. This makes it the perfect place to live for expats! Just think about it, 180 nationalities, each with their own language, each with their own culture, each with their own habits. It’s the ideal living environment for someone who has to stay temporarily in the Netherlands as a representative of a foreign company.


  1. Amsterdam, where everyone feels at home


Residents of foreign origin who live in another country will meet up with each other. Just look around when you’re on holiday abroad. You will find entire Dutch enclaves abroad at the campsite. It’s no different when foreign people settle in Amsterdam. There are plenty of enclaves in Amsterdam, for example China town. This place feels like you’re really in an Asian Country, with all its oriental shops and Asian inhabitants. There are many more unique places in Amsterdam where it’s ideal for an expat to settle. You’ll feel right at home!


  1. Amsterdam, conveniently located


As an expat, you would want to settle in a residence near the workplace, so you don’t have to spend most of your day in a real Dutch traffic jam (which sadly, is also part of the Dutch culture). And let it be the case that most large international companies have settled in the Randstad. Because of the central accessibility, because of the presence of ports, but also because of the ideal corporate culture. There is enough space for large locations and the tax climate is extremely favourable for foreign companies. For an expat it will therefore be nice to live in or around Amsterdam.


  1. Amsterdam, most cultural city of the world


Amsterdam is the most cultural city in the world, according to the ranking of ‘The world’s most cultural cities’. Amsterdam counts 96 theatres, 81 museums and 54 art galleries. This gives you plenty of opportunities to spend your free time! And if museums are not your cup of tea, there are also more than 1500 cafes and bars you can visit.

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