Find Out Why L​iving in Oud‐West​ Could Be Right For You

An Expat’s Quick Guide to Oud‐West

A hugely diverse, child‐friendly, and popular neighbourhood, O​ud‐West​is in a sense the beating heart of Amsterdam.

With Vondelpark and Rembrandtpark close by, and the wonderful, yet somewhat hidden, Ten Katestraat market, residents can spend hours wandering its streets and green spaces.

Oud‐West is as multicultural as it comes, but with a terrific level of integration. In recent years more and more families and young professionals have settled here. It’s a clean and caring community; you won’t find much in the way of litter, and you’d be hard pushed to feel safer anywhere in else in the city.

Most of the h​ousing in Oud‐West​has been renovated into smaller apartments, which are attractive to expats renting in Amsterdam​ due to the location and general affordability.

What will strike you most l​iving in Oud‐West​is just how relaxed it feels. While still full to the brim with culture, restaurants, and nightlife, it’s certainly not as touristy as other parts of the city. You’ll really be able to embrace the life of a true Amsterdamer if you set up base here.

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