• The rental process

  • How does Expat Rental Scout work?

    To give our team or experts the possibility to find your ideal home, simply sign up and fill out our short requirements form. Based on your housing criteria and wishes, our team or experts will start the search for your ideal rental home. Next, you can plan a single viewing or a viewing tour with your personal real estate agent. If you are interested in an apartment after viewing, we will send a proposal to the owner on your behalf. With this proposal we try to convince the landlord or the property to let the property to you. All legal documents, contract etc. will be checked for you, and you will be assisted at the check in. During the check-in, your personal broker makes an extensive check-in inspection. In this way you can never be responsible for matters that are not caused by you.

    Establishments who are searching for housing for their employees can contact us directly. There are no risks involved in using Expat Rental Scout . If we can't find what you're looking for, you don't pay us anything. Only once you have signed a rental contract, we charge one month's rent (ex. VAT), as a commission for sourcing the property. Everything up to that point is absolutely free of charge.

  • Which documents do I have to submit to start the search?

    In order to start the search for a suitable home, we will need a number of documents from you.

    When you are in paid employment, we'll need a copy of the following documents:
    - Valid ID
    - Recent payslip
    - Completed and signed service contract (OTD). Download the contract here: https: // www. expatrentalscout .com / dashboard / documents- expatrentalscout

    With the above information we can check whether and on which homes you have a chance.

    Once we viewed a home and you want to rent that property, we will need more financial documents. Make sure you have these ready. We do not ask this information in advance, only at the moment that we really need it, because of the confidentiality of the documents.

    When you are employed, we will need a copy of the following documents:
    - 3 recent payslips
    - Employer's statement or labor contract

    When you are employed by your own legal entity, we will need a copy of the following documents:
    Valid ID
    - Recent tax return or recent annual statement
    - Completed and signed service contract (OTD). Download the contract here: https: // www. expatrentalscout .com / dashboard / documents- expatrentalscout

    When you come from outside the EU, you need a valid residence permit. Every employee from outside the EU or EEA needs a residence permit (visa, MVV, residence permit) to perform paid or unpaid work. More information about the permits can be found under the heading: service.

    Please send all the required documents in 1 email to info @ expatrentalscout .com

    Only when all documentation has been handed in, we can actively search for suitable rental properties.

  • What happens if I break the contract?

    It depends on the contract and what the possibilities are. With temporary contracts you can cancel on a monthly basis with a month's notice period. With contracts for an indefinite period or time you can cancel monthly with a one-month cancellation period after the agreed minimum rental period (often 1 year).

    We assist you in the process of breaking the contract if this is possible with the contract. How we can do this varies per contract and owner. We only do mediation in this situation and do not take responsibility for it.

  • Who do I contact when something goes wrong during my rental period?

    If something is wrong in the house such as leakage or equipment that no longer works, it is best to contact the landlord or the manager of the house directly. The contact details are in the rental agreement and they can help you immediately. If you need help with this, please contact Expat Rental Scout and we will contact you directly.

  • What is a check-in?

    The check-in is the moment where you have signed the rental contract and we do an inspection in the house before you receive the keys. We check whether the house is neat and if there are any defects or damages, this will be recorded or photographed so that you can never be responsible for this. This information is then saved in your personal file to proof that you are not responsible for this or may have been resolved by the owner. In addition, we check the meter stands that we need for requesting the utilities.

  • What is a check-out?

    The check-out is actually the same as the check-in, only before you return the keys when you leave the house. We then do another inspection to see if there are any other defects in the home as at check-in. We check the meter stands again to shut down the utilities.

  • Costs involved

  • What costs can I expect from Expat Rental Scout ?

    Expat Rental Scout operates on a no-cure no-pay guarantee basis. Only when a rental contract is concluded with the help of Expat Rental Scout , and you have the keys in your pocket, you owe us a commission. This fee is 1 month rent excluding 21% VAT. As long as we do not receive any compensation or carry out work for the landlord, something that we never do, we are fully entitled to request the commission from the tenants we assist.

  • What is a deposit?

    In most cases, the landlord requests a deposit from the new tenant. Requesting a deposit is legally permitted. The deposit is 2 months in most cases. The deposit provides the owner with a certainty that the tenants handle the house in a neat way and leave it in the same condition as they have received it. When the rental contract ends and the property is not damaged, the landlord will refund the security deposit properly. This will be evident at the check-out where we will be present.

  • Can I use the deposit to pay the last month's rent?

    This is only possible if this is indicated on the lease or if the owner agrees. They often do not accept this and they pay the deposit after the check-out.

  • How can I protect the deposit?

    At the check-in we create a check-in inspection file, which lists all the good and bad characteristics of the house. If the house is in the same condition as during the check-in, you will receive the full deposit back.

  • When will I receive the deposit back?

    In most cases the deposit will be made within 31 days after the check-out. If you do not receive the deposit in time, please do not hesitate to contact Expat Rental Scout . We will then approach the owner to ask what the status with the deposit is.

  • What are service costs and utility costs?

    Service costs come on top of the basic rent. These are the costs for maintenance of the building in which the house is located. Examples are: use for the elevator, window cleaning on the outside or cleaning of the common areas.

    Costs for utility services are the costs for gas, water and electricity. With most homes, the rental price does not include these costs, so it must be tasks into an account that these costs are charged monthly. You can take into an average target price or € 50 per person per month. The costs can vary depending on the number of people you live with or the type of home.

  • Am I guided in a choice for utilities?

    Expat Rental Scout guides you, free of charge, with the utility companies. We also assist with check-in and check-out, and write down the meter stands. These are needed to request or to stop your utilities.

  • When do I have to pay the necessary costs (rent, deposit and commission)?

    In most cases, the costs have to be paid in the period between signing the rental contract and getting the keys. The commission fee must be paid within 2 weeks after the check-in date.

  • Are there additional costs that I can expect at the end of the rental period?

    After the rental period there are no additional costs that come at you. Only when there is damage done to the home, costs can be deducted from the deposit. Expat Rental Scout will give you advice on this and help with the check-out. To avoid extra costs incurred, you can consider insurance. Here, too, Expat Rental Scout can advise.

  • Viewing tour

  • What is a viewing tour?

    If you are still abroad and do not have time for different viewings on different days, Expat Rental Scout offers a solution. Together with you, Expat Rental Scout plans a viewing tour, where we visit several homes in one day. The houses are sorted out according to your wishes. A viewing tour can be scheduled in day parts (morning / afternoon) or an entire day. We try to plan a minimum of 3 viewings in one day if we only have a day part tour. For a whole day we visit at least 5 homes that are as close as possible to the search requirements. If this is not possible, we will contact you in advance.

  • What are the costs of a viewing tour?

    A lot of time and effort is organizing a viewing tour, therefore we charge an amount of € 125 excl. VAT per day part (morning / afternoon) or for a whole day € 200 excl. VAT. After we have found a suitable home and you have signed a rental contract, this amount will be deducted from the commission fee or 1 month rent excluding 21% VAT.

  • How do I request a viewing tour?

    You can request a viewing tour by emailing info @ expatrentalscout .com or by calling +31 (0) 20 760 93 03.

  • Moving to the Netherlands

  • How do I register with the municipality?

    Via the following link / address / contact details you can easily register with the municipality.



    The Hague

  • What kind of residence permit do I need?

    You need a residence permit if you want to live in the Netherlands for more than 3 months, come from outside the EU / EEA and come from a country that has a visa obligation for the Netherlands. Do you need a visa to enter the Netherlands? Then you'll have to apply for a residence permit via the access and stay procedure (ev). If you want to know which permits you need in your specific situation, take a look at the website of the

    Dutch National Government.
  • Can Expat Rental Scout arrange my residence permit?

    Because this is personal, this is not possible. You must provide the necessary permits yourself. We can help you off course how and where to do it.

  • When do I need a Dutch Work Permit?

    Expats from the EU / EEA do not need a work permit in the Netherlands, as residents of this union are free to move within these countries. Expats also do not need a work permit if they are here to perform certain work occasionally (such as press personnel, musicians and guest lecturers). All other international nationals need a permit to work in the Netherlands.

  • Are there special conditions for highly skilled migrants?

    To apply for a Dutch highly skilled migrant visa, an employment contract or an appointment decision (or guest agreement for guest lecturers) must be present. For an internal transfer to a branch or an international company established in the Netherlands, an employer's declaration is required from the foreign employer, which must include the duration of the transfer, the type of work and the income.

    Other conditions include:
    - A valid passport
    - A health insurance policy in the Netherlands
    - Never previously stayed illegally in the country
    - No false information provided on previous applications
    If you want to know which permits you need in your specific situation, take a look at the website of the

    Dutch National Government.
  • Where can I find information about different areas, schools, facilities etc.?

    Expat Rental Scout offers an e-book with information about the different neighborhoods, culture and facilities in Amsterdam. To receive this e-book, you can send an email to info @ expatrentalscout .com. We are currently working on the same type of E-book for The Hague, Haarlem and Rotterdam. As soon as it is ready, it can be downloaded.

  • Website

  • How can I schedule a viewing?

    If you are interested in a home, or to schedule a viewing tour, we recommend an appointment schedule with us. This can be done via the website by pressing the button '' plan viewing for with ''. If you are not yet an active searcher, we would like to receive your documents first. If this does not work or if you have any questions you can call: +31 620 261 64 83 Whatsapp to +31 615 261 919 or mail to info @ expatrentalscout .com

  • Are the homes on Expat Rental Scout reliable?

    Expat Rental Scout is a unique expat platform in the Netherlands and we only work with reliable partners with whom we have been doing business for several years. Each home we can find has one or more photos, details and an explanation. This shows a clear and transparent offer. The houses that are placed daily come from different mediums, such as real estate agents, real estate websites, our own network of private individuals, websites and social media.

    The Expat Rental scout professionals do their very best every day to show the available housing on the website, and to schedule viewings at the relevant owner / broker as quickly as possible. So there is direct contact with these parties, and often we have several homes or the same owners / brokers on the website. We provide only for the offer of reliable parties, and always try to show the most recent information on the website.

  • I do not receive any offers that fit my search profile, what should I do?

    By logging in to the site you can easily adjust your search requirements on your profile page. If this does not work, contact Expat Rental Scout . The broader your search criteria are, the more houses we can find for you and the greater the chance of a successful search.

  • How do I delete my Expat Rental Scout account?

    If you want to stop the search, you can easily delete your account. You can do this by logging on to the website and pressing 'delete profile' within your profile at the bottom of the page. When you delete your profile via the website, you will be removed from the mailing list and we will be notified that we must delete your documents if you have sent any.


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