Why choose Expat Rental Scout

The step-by-step plan


1. Special search tool

The housing market is fast moving and a lot of properties are gone when you contact the rental agent. We found that very annoying so we developed a special tool to find all the properties as soon as they are on the market. Our dedicated team checking it all the time so you will be posted every day with new properties to make sure you don't miss out on anything.


2. Assist on viewings

When we show you a property that you like just let us know. We take care to get in contact with agents and landlords, what saves you time. We will reach out to them to schedule in viewings and will assist you on that, just to make sure we can advise you the best way possible.


3. Negotiate best deal

When we have found your ideal property that you want to rent. Then we will set up an offer and discuss with you how we can get the best deal. When we get a response we will assist on the process of negotiating and check things like a good price, start date, furniture pieces or other things.


4. Review all legal documents

This is one of the most important moments in the process. We will review all documents together with you, whether it's a lease contract, Terms & Conditions, House rules or an invoice. We will make sure all the information in it is correct, and explain everything so that you understand. We know this is necessary to fully agree so you can sign it.


5. Assist on utilities & register

If you got the keys of your new home the move starts and everything is almost finished. In that case we're also there for you and we'll make sure you're set up with the necessary utilities. This includes internet, gas, electricity, water, heating and in some cases house content insurance.


6. Years of experience

The past few years we helped a lot of expats to get from A to B without a headache. We have a team of dedicated people with years of experience and even some ex-expats from Spain and England. So we have all the knowledge to assist you in the search of getting your next home.

We help you from A to Z

View the houses

Together we will view the properties that suit you at the landlord and do everything to make this process run as smoothly as possible.

Together with our flexible home scouts:

  • We organize appointments for viewing at the landlords.
  • We evaluate the viewings together.
  • We devise a strategy to increase your chances with the landlord.
  • We prepare all information to convince the landlord that you are the perfect tenants.
  • We provide advice on the entire process before, during and after the rental period and on the housing market, permits, regulations, housing benefits, environment etc.
  • Expat Rental Scout offers a smooth search for finding the right property with the landlords.

Fine and carefree living

Do not be afraid even after finding the right property at the landlord you are not alone. We ensure that the relocation and all the arranging work runs smoothly. When you have signed the lease, we will assist and advise you on the completion of the relocation process.

Expatrentalscout.com helps you with:

  • Negotiations with the lessor of the property about the rent, the interior, the duration of the lease, the effective date, the cancellation period, maintenance and other aspects.
  • Receive the draft rental agreement from the landlord and ensure that everything is properly included.
  • Checking and signing the lease with the landlord.
  • Prepare an extensive check-in report on behalf of you as a searcher for Expat Rental Scout. This so that everything is included in detail and that no misunderstandings can arise with the landlord after the start of the rental period.
  • Carrying out an extensive inspection, which is recorded in the check-in report, with information on meter readings, inventory, listing of defects, etc.
  • We offer assistance with applications from suppliers of gas, water, electricity and other contracts.
  • Maintenance, the relocation, the purchase of new items and any other requests for help are also always welcome.
  • Checking whether the lessor has fulfilled his part of the contract towards you at check-in and during the rental period.
  • Answering all your questions or suggestions during and after the course of the lease with the landlord. We are there for you as a tenant and advise and guide you during the entire search! That is our service.

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