How can I do my search with
Starting Expat Rental Scout?

Become '' active seeker '' by supplying the requested documents.

We need a number of documents to start your personal search for a home. Almost all landlords have requirements that you as a tenant must meet in order to stand a chance of a home. Based on the documents you provide, we can estimate for which properties you may and may not be eligible at the landlord. This can ultimately save a lot of time in the search for a suitable home.

As soon as all documents have been properly delivered to us, we will convert your status on the website to '' active searcher '' and then the search can begin!

What we need from ALL residents to start the search:

  • Copy of identification
  • OTD completed and signed (service contract) * Download example at the bottom of the mail
  • Documents that show your income such as: a payslip, an employer's statement or annual reports from your own company * Download an example employer's statement at the bottom of the mail

If you cannot figure it out completely, you can always schedule an appointment at our office for a personal meeting. You can also call or email with your questions.

Addresses offices
Amsterdam - Vijzelstraat 68, 1017HL
Rotterdam - Hofplein 20, 3032AC
The Hague - Zuid Hollandlaan 7, 2596AL
Zandvoort - Max Planckstraat 1, 2041CX

Try to provide the requested documents as well as possible, so give all documents a name so that it is clear. Please provide clear photos or scans. Use the government's tiny scanner app or copyID app for making good and safe scans.

You will always receive a response about completeness, or when additional documents are required. We prefer to receive all documents in one go at .