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Student housing together with your friends or girlfriends renting on property sharing basis also something for you?

"Call in a student Woning Delers Club from the Woning Delers Club "

The enormous scarcity of housing makes it almost impossible for students and young professionals in student cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Delft or Utrecht to rent an affordable student home. If you are not eligible for a student residence on campus or via DUWO, it is very difficult to get a home for you and your friends in the first year. You can see that many students are obliged to continue to live at home and therefore have to use a lot of public transport to get to the college or university. A far from ideal situation. Just like many others, you had presented your study time differently.


The unique concept of the Woning Delers Club

As a student or young professional you can quietly wait until after many years you are eligible for a social home or room. For enterprising students and young professionals, however, there is an affordable alternative namely the Woning Delers Club . The initiators (themselves former students) of the Woning Delers Club have developed a unique concept whereby they manage to collect all available sub-homes in the market on 1 collective platform. We noticed very much that regular real estate agencies are not waiting for students and / or home divisors. Every time we contacted landlords, we were told: "Unfortunately this property is not available for students and / or home divisors". That is why we have specialized in the market for partial homes. We search the internet every day, call broker's offices and network with landlords to find as many sub-houses as possible. We collect all these properties on our platform. So stop looking for part-houses and let us do the work! Once we have received a specific search from you and your housemates, we will immediately start looking for your ideal homes

Because it is of course the nicest thing to live together with your friends or girlfriends, it is important that you gather a number of fellow students and / or friends who want to rent a home together with you in the coming years. Of course you must have the same wishes. If you have succeeded in this, register for free at the Woning Delers Club . We help both students without their own income and working young professionals with their own income. We can find many homes for both target groups.

Common search on a no cure no pay basis

Our student broker will only start with your search, once he has received a joint search and it is clear what kind of student accommodation you want. Despite the fact that we ourselves do not have any properties under our own management, our student broker usually manages to find a property that meets your needs within one month. If, after viewing, it appears that this property does not meet your wishes, he will continue to search. For this he uses, among other things, his relationship network and the knowledge he has of the local market. As long as he is unable to find a suitable student residence, no costs will be charged. Our service is therefore 100% based on No Cure No Pay!

One-off costs for a successful search

When our student broker succeeds in finding a property that meets your wishes and you decide to rent it on a property sharing basis, he will guide you through the entire process. This includes scheduling viewings at the landlord, negotiating rental conditions, checking the rental contract, coordinating the key transfer and an extensive check-in inspection. Even after the delivery of the home you can always appeal to the Woning Delers Club , because we want you to have a pleasant student time. The one-off costs that we charge for all our efforts correspond to one month's rent excluding 21% VAT.

Does the Woning Delers Club concept Woning Delers Club you? Then collect a number of fellow students and / or friends who are also looking for a student residence in one of the student cities in the Netherlands and register for free

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